Drives & Patios


We lay Block Paving


Limestone, Sandstone,




We also lay gravel drives, please call for prices.

We are professional and experienced in driveway building and design.


We use good quality materials and products

Drains can be incorporated into the driveway, where necessary

Drain and manhole covers can match the driveway

Edgings can be created using different materials to match or contrast the driveway


One of the best advantages of laying block paving is that it is incredibly low maintenance.

We lay water drainage

Additionally, block paving can easily withstand harsh, erratic weathers, making it an ideal material for the fluctuating British weather.

Call us if you need help with re-sanding or power cleaning your driveway.


Benefits of Block Paving

Durable - block paving is an extremely hard wearing surface, and long lasting


Block paving is a great material due to its hard wearing surface and therefore, can easily cope with vehicle and pedestrian traffic


Low maintenance - just the occasional wash down to keep it in tip top condition


Weatherproof - block paving can withstand our erratic British weather making it an ideal surface


Blocks are manufactured, so are uniform and even


Aesthetically pleasing - enhances any property


Designs can be incorporated into the original design


Choice of colours, sizes and design


If any blocks are damaged they can be replaced without lifting the whole driveway








Pedestrian Areas

Block paving is used for both domestic and commercial areas

Block paving is also used with other materials, such as edgings surrounding tarmacadam driveways.